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JAR - Folk Dance Group, Sofia
About Zhar Ensemble

The Zhar Folk Dance Group was created in 1937 by Marko Grigorov and Mr. Radenkov. From 1972 to 1998 the artistic director of the Dance Ensemble Zhar was Rayna Todorova. Under her guidance the dance ensemble gains international reputation.

Folklore Dance Ensemble "Zhar" is at the "Dr Petar Beron 1926" Community Center (Chitalishte) Sofia, Bulgaria.
In the repertoire of the ensemble are included dances from all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria.
Изтегли музика за танци и народни песни
Музика за танци и народни песни
Music for dances and folk songs

Ради Радев - хореограф
Ради Радев
хореограф Фолклорна танцова панорама Самодейни танцови ансамбли  Българска народна носия